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We help new entrepreneurs start their FMCG business easily by undertaking the complete execution of the project. We also assist existing industries address their challenges, both business and technical, and grow. We provide a wide range of services such as product identification, market research, DPR, product development, plant setup, packaging, marketing, and sales, etc.

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We used to procure FMCG products from small independent manufacturers and sell them to large FMCG brands. We were looking for a sales and marketing consultant with experience in the FMCG sector who can help us in setting up the right marketing channel for B2B and B2C segments. We found a very good consultant at SolutionBuggy. Today, we are supplying to many major FMCG brands across the country.

- VHS Foods

I have agarbatti manufacturing business. We manufacture agarbattis through small households. We were looking for a consultant with expertise in agarbatti manufacturing, who can help us optimize the usage of raw materials and reduce the costs. I came across SolutionBuggy through one of my friends and they connected me with a consultant near my location.

- RK Manufacturers

We manufacture a wide range of FMCG products. We were in search of a sales and marketing trainer who can help us to develop a training module for the sales and distribution team and provide training for them. We are happy that we found a consultant at SB who trained our team in dealing with sales and distribution.

- PRP Products


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As far as the MSMEs are concerned, SolutionBuggy is one of the largest consulting firms in India. Our FMCG consultants come with an average experience of 15 years, across various segments of the FMCG sector. Till date, we have successfully completed more than 800 consulting projects in the FMCG industry for our clients spread across the country.

If you are planning to start FMCG business or facing challenges with your existing business, then kindly register SolutionBuggy. We provide you access to the best FMCG consultants in the country who can help you address your technical and business challenges and successfully cater to the customers.

How Our FMCG Business Consultants Can Help You?

While it is true that the FMCG industry opens up the sky of opportunities for small business owners and new entrepreneurs, it also presents various challenges. Some of the major challenges in the FMCG include low-profit margins, increasing costs, scaling up of operations, poor marketing techniques, reluctance to technology adoption, supply chain management, customer relationship management, etc.

Unlike the past, today’s businesses need to find out novel ways to reach to the modern tech-savvy customer. Today, the customer expects more personalized services from the service provider. Technology-based digital marketing enables businesses to reach out to customers in various ways and provide them personalized services as per their preferences and interests. It also allows them to discover new customer segments across various geographies, breaking the barriers.

Though there exist a number of small businesses in the FMCG industry, the market is majorly controlled by well-established players. Competing with well-established players is not so easy for MSMEs. The primary reason for it narrows down to lack of financial resources and lack of expert advice to address the various challenges.

Small and medium scale businesses, unlike large scale enterprises, cannot afford to have in-house experts.  SolutionBuggy, as India’s largest consulting firm dedicated to MSMEs in the countries, connects small and medium scale enterprises with trusted and verified consultants. Our consultants help enterprises address their challenges related to their FMCG business. We help FMCG businesses embrace the technology and tap the new customer segments through digital marketing techniques. Our consultants help FMCG businesses minimize the cost of operations and thereby reduce the overall cost of the product. This enables them to increase the profit margins. Our FMCG consultants tackle various challenges of the FMCG businesses including, inventory management, supply chain, customer relationship, etc.

Our network of FMCG consultants also helps first-generation entrepreneurs planning to foray into the FMCG industry easily start their business by undertaking the complete execution of the project right from product identification and development to plant setup and marketing and sales.

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Opportunities in the Indian FMCG Industry

FMCG is one of the fast-growing sectors in India. FMCG is the fourth-largest sector in India in terms of contribution to the country’s economy. According to a report by Statista, the Indian FMCG market is expected to reach USD 220 billion by 2025 from USD 52.75 billion in 2018.  The market is largely driven by growing urbanizations, increase in standards of living of people, changing lifestyle, easier access to the products, etc. are some of the factors driving the market.

The Indian FMCG sector includes pharmaceuticals, packaged soft drinks, packaged food products, consumer electronics, etc. Among these, food and beverages account for 19% of the share; healthcare accounts for 31% of the share; and household and personal care accounts for over 50% share of the market.

Conventionally, urban areas are considered as the contributors of the FMCG market in India. However, the rural market has been registering a greater growth rate than the urban market, which signifies a large untapped market in the rural areas.

The domestic FMCG market is highly fragmented and is dominated by micro, small and medium scale enterprises that are largely unorganized, in terms of numbers. FMCG sector, particularly the food products segment provides great business opportunities for new entrepreneurs in the country due to the easy availability of raw materials, cheap operating costs, etc.

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